Bob Olson


Mother knows Best!

As everyone finds out as we get older (and wiser), our Moms know what's best! Even in voiceovers, my Mom always gives me advice and direction. Looks like I put on my big boy pants!

New Mic Pre Amp?

I can’t believe March is here already! It seems February went by quickly – although it may be because I had laryngitis and didn’t work from February 17 through the 27. I haven’t been away from working that long in my adult life! Thankfully, with the help of rest and meds, my voice is finally back to full strength. Thanks to all of you that have been patient during my recovery.

As the year…

Sound proofing and a new spot

Not only "bad and nation wide"...I've gone global, baby!

Happy New Year

Vacation Time and the first glimpse of some v/o Highlights from the past year.