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Mother knows Best!

As everyone finds out as we get older (and wiser), our Moms know what's best! Even in voiceovers, my Mom always gives me advice and direction. Looks like I put on my big boy pants!

 Putting on my Big-Boy pants voice

I love my Mother. Always have. Always will. But sometimes she has some pretty high expectations of my abilities. Not to say anything is wrong with that: after all, without her and my families support and encouragement, I may not have gotten into the career I did. But here are a couple examples of Ma’s suggestions over the past few years. Bless her heart, her mind has given me turbo-talent at times.

1)   When JP McCarthy, legendary Detroit DJ on WJR, passed away years ago she told me I should apply for his vacated morning-show slot and get back to the Motor City. I was only 3 years into my night rock-n-roll DJ stint in Lansing, Michigan at the time. After TWENTY years in radio, I still don’t think I would have been ready!

 2)   After Gilbert Godfrey posted some distasteful (to say the least) comments on his Twitter account after the Japan tsunami and was fired as the spokesperson of the Aflac Duck. Again, my Mom told me I should audition for it. My deeper-than-the-Duck voice may have been seriously compromised with just one shout of “AFLAC!!!!”. So, to stay viable in my v/o career, I chose to pass.

 3)   Then there was Don Lafontaine – the mega-voice and role model to 99.9% of people in the voiceover community – who everyone knows as the guy that growled ominously “In a World…”. Tragically he passed in 2008…leaving a job opening my Mom thought I could seamlessly slip into. 

Now, any of us v/o types would love to fill Don’s shoes. But alas, many of us simply don’t have big enough feet!

However, a few weeks ago, a client asked me to do a movie trailer-type voice for an upcoming conference for Dell, the computer giant. As every voice guy will admit, we all practice that voice 3-4 times a day. When your headphones are loud, you sound really cool. Below is the result of that session.


Turns out my Mom was right – as she always is. Dell and the client loved it and I landed the gig. Who knows, maybe if I’d have sent my resume to WJR or screamed AFLAC a few months ago, I’d have scored there too??!!  It just goes to show – Mom knows best. Now go eat your veggies.


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  1. Jim Greenhoe:
    Oct 11, 2011 at 10:36 AM - Unapproved

    Three words for you buddy...This thing is....
    Shoot for the moon on everything you do.
    You WILL achieve things beyond your wildest dreams!
    Best Wishes Always,

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