Where it all began…

As a young boy growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, I’d always been a music fan. More so, I wanted to PLAY the music I heard on the radio. I’d listen to all the stations in Motown — specifically WDRQ and night jock Jerry St James before falling asleep and dream of someday being a DJ. I was 6 years old. In the following years, I would sit in my room and spin 45’s by the Monkees and the Beatles on my portable turntable while recording me introducing them on a cassette player. And yes, I still have some of those gems!

I’m Elvis with my Jordanaires at a performance for a company Christmas Party circa 1987

Years later, I would continue performing in school plays, singing in local bands and blasting bands like Boston, The Who and Journey in my headphones. After high school, I did what we all do – attempted to be an adult! I attended the University of Michigan for two years and landed a job in the ‘real world’ as a Systems Analyst for a computer firm in my early 20’s. I hated it. The work itself was just fine; it was being behind a desk and following a set schedule that I didn’t care for! So, I quit the job and headed to broadcasting school.

Two months after graduating, I landed my first gig in Gladwin, Michigan in December of 1988. I sold most of my possessions, rented a moving truck and started playing country music from a 14×70 trailer in the middle of a corn field – literally; it was across the street. Six months later, I made the move to Saginaw, Michigan as the night time DJ during the golden age of Hair Bands. And in April of 1991, I moved one more time to my final stop as a Disc Jockey at rock station WJXQ in Lansing, Michigan. I was there until 2006…16 years. That’s a lifetime in radio years!

At WKQZ-Z93 in Saginaw, MI around 1990 with the band XYZ. I’m second from the left – my mullet starting to grow!

During my days with JXQ, a local ad agency had asked me to voice a commercial for a car dealer; the normal voice guy was on vacation and I “sounded enough like him”. That sparked my voiceover career in 1997. I’ve been voicing scripts from my home studio ever since and have worked on a countless number of projects locally, nationally and around the world.

Over that span, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great engineers, writers and producers on projects for Discover Card, New York Post, New Jersey Devils, Kal Tire, and more. Recently I’ve lent my voice to Disney Store, Tennis Warehouse, Hartford Healthcare, and Pepsi among many other regional and local campaigns.

It never ceases to amaze me that I have had the good fortune to only have to dress up for work in the real world for a few short years. Currently, my work wardrobe consists of a fine assortment of PJ’s and lounge pants.